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Solo - Ultra Marathon

The Fall 50 will offer awards to the TOP FIVE men and TOP FIVE women in the Open Division (age 39 and under) and Masters Division (age 40 and over) in the solo division.


The Fall 50 will also serve as the USATF Wisconsin Association Championship in 2024.  The top male and top female runners FROM WISCONSIN (1st place) in the Open (age 39 and under) and Masters (age 40 and over) categories will receive these awards. So four additional awards will be distributed to Wisconsin runners.

two women pose for a picture at a race

Pair & Team Relays

Both the Pairs Relay and Team Relay categories hav two main divisions (Open and Masters) and three sub-divisons (all male, all female, and mixed) as follows:

  • Open Men – All men, any age mix
  • Open Women – All women, any age mix
  • Open Mixed – Any combination of men and women
  • Masters Men – All men, all age 40 and over
  • Masters Women – All women, all age 40 and over
  • Masters Mixed – Any combination of men and women, all 40 & over

Fall 50 award medals will be given to the participants of the top THREErelay teams in each age division (Open or Masters) and gender sub-division (male, female, mixed). There will be no prize money in the pairs relay.

Team names & Costumes

An essential part of the character of the Fall 50 is that it is as much about having fun as it is about running.  To this end, we offer two additional categories of awards each year:

  • Best Team Name
  • Best Costumed Team

These awards are presented after the solo, pairs and team relay awards are presented.  The top three winners in each of these categories receive bottles of champagne, including 1.5 liter for 3rd place, 3 liter for 2nd place and 6 liter for 1st place.

Best Team Name winners are selected based on online voting by the staff and volunteers.  Best Costumed Team winners are selected at the post-race party based on voting by our panel of Costume Judges (designated by their Costume Judge lanyards).

a group of friends dressed up at characters from Mario at the Fall50 after race party

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