Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many runners can I have on my team?

A: You can have a MAXIMUM of FIVE runners on a team.

Q: Can we have a SIXTH runner on our team?

A: Refer to previous question.

Q: Can we have a sixth person in the vehicle as the driver?

A: Of course. Bring a busload of friends if you wish. Just make sure no more than five individuals participate. See question below for information on party tent access.  We will be selling surplus event shirts at the entrance to the party tent so they can even get one of those if you get there early enough.

Q: How many legs must each participant run?

A: As few or as many as he or she wants. The only golden rule is that the team must run the entire 50 miles.

Q: What if one of our runners breaks down?

A: If one of your teammates is unable to continue, another member of the team must continue from wherever that team member stopped on the course. Again, you must run the entire 50 miles.

Q: We saw our team’s assigned start time but would like to start earlier due to [insert lengthy personal story here]. Can we start earlier?

A: NO. The start times are intended to concentrate the finish window of teams from 3:30 pm until 5:30 pm on Saturday. To achieve this, the slowest teams must start earliest and the fastest teams must start later. This also seeds the teams of similar ability against one another. Please be honest about your anticipated pace when you register. The party tent does not even open until 2 pm so arriving shortly after 1 pm doesn’t help anyone.

Q: What types of food and drink are available on the course?

A: The 9 exchange points will all offer water, Gatorade, Clif Bars, fruit and bagels. Exchange 5 (around the mid-point of the course) will feature the Half Way Buffet. In addition to the items already listed, the Half Way Buffet will offer hot chicken noodle soup, breads, peanut butter, jelly, salty snacks, cookies and candy.

Q: How strictly is the 6:30 pm course closure enforced?

A: THE 6:30 PM COURSE CLOSURE IS STRICTLY ENFORCED. Participants crossing the finish line after 6:30 pm will not receive a published finish time. Solo runners are discouraged from participating if they cannot run the entire 50 miles in 12 hours or less, a pace of 14 minutes 24 seconds per mile.  Our agreements with local public safety departments stipulate that we will not encourage running along the roads after sunset. Any participants passing through the final exchange point after 5 pm will be asked to wear a green glow necklace for their own safety. Participants who finish AFTER the 6:30 pm course closure will still receive medals but THEIR RESULTS WILL NOT APPEAR IN THE RESULTS DATABASE.

Q: What time does the party tent open?

A: 2 pm, although no teams should expect to finish before 3 pm unless they a) sandbagged (i.e. lied about their pace) or b) started in the wrong wave. This team will enjoy more eating and drinking time but they may also be disqualified!

Q: What if friends or family want to enter the party tent?

A: Non-participants may purchase tickets outside the gate of the party tent to enter. Tickets are $20 for adults, $10 for children ages 7-17, children ages 6 & under are free. The open buffet includes pizza, breadsticks, beer, wine, soda and bottled water.

Q: What if my family member just wants to watch me finish?

A: The finish chute on the Michigan Street Bridge and finish line are publicly accessible. It is not necessary to be in the party tent to see people finish.

Q: Is there really free beer, wine, and pizza at the finish?


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