September 15, 2020

Fall 50 Offers “50% Deferral” Option

In light of continued uncertainty surrounding the Covid-19, Fall 50 organizers are providing one more option for teams and solo runners that are nervous about attending this year’s event. Team captains and solo runners may elect to opt out of this year’s event and choose a 50% DEFERRAL OPTION, which guarantees them entry in next year’s event with half of the fees they paid this year applied towards their 2021 entry.

Note: The 50% discount will ONLY be supplied to solo runners and TEAM CAPTAINS in the form of a single discount code, not discounts to individual team members. We will also mail out hoodies (no medals, bibs or packets) to deferred solo runners and team members who are on the team rosters at the time a deferral is requested. The deadline for selecting the 50% deferral option will be Saturday, October 17, 2020 at midnight.

Those runners who prefer to seek full recovery of their 2020 entry fees, and/or are unable to participate next year, will still have the ability to resell their entry by finding a buyer (see the “Buy or Sell” post on the event’s Facebook page) and use the event’s automated transfer system (“Transfer My Team” link under the Registration tab). To request a 50% deferrals, email the organizer via

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