6:30 am on race day (ALL solo runners)


6:30 pm or 12 hours (a 14:20 per mile pace for the 50.2 miles)

After 6:30 pm, solo runners will receive a finishers medal but THEY WILL NOT RECEIVE AN OFFICIAL FINISH TIME. We will not make exceptions to this rule since it encourages slower runners to be on the narrow, winding, unlit roads after dark.   This is not acceptable to the race organizers or local public safety officials.  Our agreement with local public safety departments mandates that we cannot encourage runners to be on the roads after sunset.


Solo runners have the option to take coach buses to the start line for $15. The buses will arrive to Sunset Park at 4:30 am and depart at 4:45 am. They will then stop at Stone Harbor Resort parking lot at 4:50 am and depart promptly at 5:00 am on race morning.  The shuttle will arrive to the start line at Gills Rock by 6:00 am, well before the 6:30 am start time. A member of the Fall 50 staff will have a manifest listing the passengers. Please note that this is a ONE WAY shuttle so non-runners (family/friends) and relay teams are not allowed on the solo bus.


There are two opportunities to pick up race packets:

Friday at Stone Harbor Resort from 2 pm until 8 pm

Saturday at the start line at Gills Rock.


Solo runners may check in gear during packet pick up on Friday or on Saturday at the start line. There will be large red bins (“Gear Check Bins”) with identification labels indicating which of the nine rest stations along the course route or the finish line each one will be delivered to. Bags will be delivered to station 1 (mile 6), station 3 (mile 19), station 5 (mile 29), station 7 (mile 37), station 9 (mile 46), and the finish line (mile 50). We will also provide free drawstring bags that the runners may use to check their gear.  Solo runners may place bags with their names or bib numbers into the gear check bins for retrieval at the rest stations during the event.  At the rest stations, the individual bags will be removed from the bins and placed on tables beneath the Solo Runner Tents. Typical items solo runners check in include changes of socks, clothing, or shoes along with special fluids and food items. At the rest stations, after taking what they need from their gear bags, solo runners should close the bags and place them back in the large red bins. The gear bags placed back in the bins will be picked and delivered to the finish area periodically throughout the day. Items left on the tables will be retrieved after the last solo runner has passed through the station. In the finish area, the gear check bags will be delivered to the gear check tent at the far end of the party tent throughout the afternoon.


There will be NINE rest stations along the course route providing support to the competitors. See Course/Leg Descriptions on this website for a breakdown of the locations. Every station will have a dedicated Solo Runners Only tent with food, beverage, gear check and chairs for resting or changing shoes/clothing. The food and fluids menu at each station will include water, Gatorade, flat Coke, pretzels, oranges, bananas, apples, bagels, chocolate chip cookies, pretzels, M&M’s, Jolly Ranchers, Clif Bars, and Clif Shot Bloks.  Exchange #5 will offer the “Half Way Buffet” with hot chicken noodle soup (or chicken broth), PB&J sandwiches and snacks in addition to the items listed above.  All participants, including solo runners, are responsible for supporting themselves BETWEEN rest stations.

TO CLARIFY: The on course food and beverage will be set up in a SELF-SERVE format. There will be no water station teams handing out cups of water or Gatorade. This is an ultra, folks, not a marathon.



The majority (99%) of the Fall 50 course route is paved asphalt. There may be short grass/gravel/sand sections as you enter/exit some exchange zones. The portions of the course along the highway offer flat gravel shoulders to run on while most of the back roads do not.


NONE! The course IS NOT closed to motor vehicles. Be alert to the possible presence of motorists throughout the entire course.


Red Fall 50 signs will be located at every turn and mile marker along the entire course. Always run on whichever side of the road the course signs are located on. In most cases, you will be running against the motor vehicle traffic along busier stretches of roadway.


CLICK HERE for details on categories and awards.


Just one rule…Run all 50 miles!

A note regarding COURSE SUPPORT:

We do allow participants to have friends and family supporting them along the route.  They can cheer you on, hand out food, beverage or clothing, and take possession of any items you drop or hand off BUT ONLY IN THE REST STATION AREAS.  Per USA Track & Field rules, they cannot hand out any food, beverage or clothing between rest stations (defined as the area between the last Fall 50 flag at the current station and the first Fall 5 flag at the next station). In addition, they cannot run with you (or bike with you or walk with you) between rest stations. They can only run or walk alongside you within the rest station areas. In addition, they are not allowed to give you a physical lift to the next station or the finish line, but that should be obvious right? If you drop out of the event, your family or friends can give you a lift to the finish but we hope that doesn’t happen. Violation of these rules will result in disqualification.


Yes, people have run the entire Fall 50 course with their dog. We’re not sure the dog had a vote in this and it made many animal lovers pretty angry. In some areas with narrow shoulders, running with a dog could pose a safety hazard to the dog owner, other runners and/or the dog itself. For these reasons and more importantly, to reduce runner congestion on the roads, we prohibit running with dogs along the course route. Pets are allowed to join in the fun and come along inside support vehicles. We ask that you pick up after your pet at all times, especially in the rest areas.