We receive a lot of questions from new team captains asking what information they need to have when they register.  Here is some important information to help you:


DATA YOU NEED TO REGISTER: You do NOT need all of the individual team member data to purchase a team. You can purchase a team of any size (2-5 members) then instruct your team members to “join” the team and enter their own data at a later date.


$$$ YOU NEED TO REGISTER: The captain is under no obligation to pay for the entire team themselves up front at the time of registration. You may elect to purchase just two spots (minimum team size) and then give your captain login info (email and captain password) to potential team members.  They can then use this information to login under the Manage/Transfer Team link at the top of the page and “increase team size” by paying for additional spots using their own credit card.


WHEN YOUR ROSTER CHANGES: Captains may use the Manage/Transfer Team link to add and remove team members at will for no additional charge between now and race day as necessary to address injuries, scheduling conflicts, etc.