Final 2019 Registration Reminders

There are some important changes to how the registration process will be conducted for this year. Here is what you need to know:


Registration for TEAM CAPTAINS (“purchasing a team”) will open at Noon CDT on April 1st. Registration for team members (“joining a team”) and solo runners will open at 1:00 pm CDT on the same day. Teams should strive to complete their rosters by September 30th to guarantee shirt sizes and receive an accurate start time assignment.


To reduce the chaos of registration, we will be issuing registrations in blocks of 100 teams every 2 minutes. The first 100 teams will be sold at 12:00 pm, the second 100 teams at 12:02 pm, etc. until all 500 teams are sold out. If you don’t get in at 12:00 pm, a pop up screen with a countdown clock will advise you when to click to register.


When you successfully enter the registration portal, you will have EIGHT MINUTES to register as a captain, enter the team name and other data, and submit payment information. This should afford you extra time to CALL YOUR TEAMMATES AND LET THEM KNOW YOU GOT IN so that you don’t accidentally register multiple teams.


The overall capacity will still be just 500 teams. Sorry, that’s all the peninsula can handle!!!