To ensure the safety of participants, volunteers, and staff, Fall 50 organizers are shifting the format of the event’s famous post-race party from the traditional “disco under a tent” format to a “PARTY TO GO” approach. Staff and volunteers will distribute food and beverages out of a large tent in Bayview Park in front of Sonny’s Italian Restaurant, yards from the event’s new finish line on Sturgeon Bay’s Michigan Street Bridge.



Every team captain will have one tag for pizza and two tags for “beverage pack” on their bib while solo runners will have one pizza tag and one beverage pack tag. Each pizza tag will grant recipients a 20-inch party pizza. Flavor options will include cheese, sausage, pepperoni, and gluten-free pesto tomato. (Yes, we’ll be selling pizzas as well so you can satisfy the whole crew taste-wise.) The beverage pack options will include:

  • Six-pack of beer (3-4 flavors available to be announced at a later date)
  • Six-pack of soda (3-4 flavors available to be announced at a later date)
  • Four-pack of wine (red, white, or rose)

Weather-permitting, participants can celebrate their achievements anywhere along Sturgeon Bay’s waterfront or downtown, the recently designated Public Alcohol Consumption Area (click here for details). This includes the marina docks, the rail spur jutting into the canal, the bridge while they watch other finishers, the Maritime Museum, or any of the park benches along Third Avenue in downtown. If the weather is uncooperative, participants will want to take their food and beverage back to their hotel rooms or vehicles.



Organizers are as disappointed as the runners that the 2020 Covid pandemic has robbed us of a raucous party. Until we get through this pandemic, however, it would be irresponsible to convene a crowd of 2,000 plus people under a cramped party tent and encourage them to dine, drink and dance all afternoon with strangers. But we will make it up to you. Here’s how: All 2020 teams will have exclusive access to early bird registration for next year’s event when it opens in April 2021. Since you were robbed of your dance party this year, we are giving you first rights on next year’s event. And we promise to raise the party factor several notches to make up for it. We hope you understand that while we all want the party to go on, the safety of our runners, our volunteers, and our staff must be our highest priority.