Start time assignments for this year’s Door County Fall 50 are now posted to the event website.   Click Locations>Door County>Start Times, or click on the button below to see the assigned start times.



SOLO RUNNERS: All solo runners will begin at 6:30 am to afford them the maximum amount of daylight possible to complete the event. The course closes at 6:30 pm so there is a 12 hour time limit for solo runners, requiring an average pace no slower than 14:24 per mile to finish.


RELAY TEAM RUNNERS: Teams are assigned to four start times at 7:30 am, 8:15 am, 9:15 am and 10:00 am with the slowest teams beginning earliest and the fastest teams beginning latest. The anticipated team paces shown in the table and the projected finish times are calculated based on the average pace of the individual team members, information that the participants provided to us.


WORRIED ABOUT YOUR START TIME?… Based on the calculations, ALL teams should be able to finish between 3 pm and 6 pm on race day. Each year, we are contacted by team captains who experience unplanned roster changes in October and worry that these changes will jeopardize their ability to finish prior to sunset/course closure at 6:30 pm. Team captains who experience unplanned roster changes that slow their anticipated pace are advised to rearrange their leg assignments to address the problem. In other words, assign the longer and/or hillier legs to the stronger runners on your team. Adapting to changing circumstances is part of the challenge, folks!




STILL NEED TO MAKE ROSTER CHANGES?… DON’T PANIC! Teams may continue to change their roster, transfer their team to someone else, and update information online through Sunday, October 20th at midnight.  Teams may also make last minute changes and substitutions on Friday or Saturday of event weekend.  IF YOU MAKE ROSTER CHANGES–ESPECIALLY ONES THAT CHANGE THE AGE AND/OR GENDER COMPOSITION OF YOUR TEAM–PLEASE LET US KNOW SO YOU DON’T MESS UP THE RESULTS AND/OR THE AWARDS FOR EVERYBODY ELSE. (Yeah, at least one team does this every year.)